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**headdesk** FAIL

*cough* So.

I take it I'm not the only one who failed miserably this month.

I'm not terribly surprised, but I am very disappointed with myself. There are a few reasons I failed, I think.... not least was that, in setting the bar at 75k, I subconsciously figured that I'd fail and that, since the bar was so high, that was okay.... and then felt absolutely no motivation. It was like, since I had mentally decided that failing was a perfectly fine result, I had no real reason to succeed.

Also didn't help that Sick Bacchus is sitting here unfinished. I really should have just set myself to finishing that and left the idea of another novel alone.

At any rate. I'll have to get NaNo '07 finished before October so I can devote myself properly to NaNo '08.

How'd everyone else go?
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Some progress

Slightly less than the target for the day, but we're coming in to the weekend, so it should be easy to catch up, maybe even get a few hundred words ahead :-)

I am so looking forward to the school holidays! One more week to get through then it's two weeks with no classes! (just a huge pile of marking to wade through)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,092 / 50,000

Slow beginnings

Well, I'm off to a crappy start! My main character began in a dungeon. I have no idea why he's there but it doesn't really matter. I was going to have him resourcefully escape, but it turns out I write a mean dungeon, so the only way out was hideously contrived.

So I whited out that bit and decided he would be saved by a werewolf. Yup. ^_^ It's still kinda hard going. I'm starting to wish I'd planned it like an hour in advance or something, rather than just starting to write and hoping for the best. No matter. With luck I'll get into the swing of things sooner rather than later.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,323 / 50,000

Hoping to hit 3,334 by the end of today. (Fingers crossed.)

Haven't done too much on my other novel. I was kinda out-of-synch with the style and characters so I've been reading over a few chapters (and editing as I go) to hopefully get me back into its groove. So nothing more written on that one yet. However, jumping from one to the other is rather refreshing.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
51,817 / 75,000
jack squee

Yay! okgo!

Splee! ^_^ Glad to see a couple of others have joined in!

(I've also conned a friend of mine, and possibly my aunt, to join in as well.)

Now, my current plan is to:
- Write around 20,000 words of fiction to hopefully finish my current novel
- Write 50,000 words of fiction of a new novel.

I know my usual 50,000 word goal is entirely possible, but I haven't tried 70,000 before, especially on two different novels. So this is new territory and it's possible that I am doomed to failure. But I shall persevere! If nothing else, I REALLY want to get "Sick Bacchus" finished this month.

So, word counts as they stand on Day One, before writing begins:

Sick Bacchus
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
51,817 / 75,000

(Yeah, I know, that bar looks a little cheat-ery to me too, but it was easier than chopping my novel into two different word files.)

Untitled Novel 2008

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0 / 50,000

Man. I don't even have a subject yet....
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Count me in.

Yeah I reckon I'll give it a go this year. I've encouraged my J to give me my laptop back and set his computer up properly! So that should help :)

Also have been inspired by not getting into the show I wanted to get into - but it will free up my time! So Kiwinowrimo, here I come. After last year's 10,000 word FAIL, I would like to see myself approach a wee bit closer to the target.